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Μίχαελ Κναπ, Άνγια Φλαχ και Ερτζάν Αϊμπογά
Michael Knapp, Anjia Flach and Ercan Ayboga,
Revolution in Rojava. Democratic Autonomy and Women’s Liberation in the Middle
East, Pluto Press, 2016
Anja Flach (Άνγια Φλαχ): Εθνολόγος, μέλος του συμβουλίου γυναικών Ρο-
τζμπίν (Rojbîn) Αμβούργου. Το πιο πρόσφατο βιβλίο της είναι το Frauen in
der kurdischen Guerilla. Motivation, Identität und Geschlechterverhältnis in der
Frauenarmee der PKK [Οι γυναίκες στο κουρδικό αντάρτικο. Κίνητρα, ταυτότητα
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👫 Bokan Hassan Ahmed | 🏷️ Ομάδα: βιογραφία | Άρθρα Γλώσσα: 🇬🇧 English | 👁️‍🗨️

Bokan Hassan Ahmed

Σχετικά αρχεία 📂
Bokan Hassan Ahmed, Also known as Bokan Jaff, He was born on 3 June 1991, in Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan, Bokan received his primary and secondary school in Halabja city and his high school in Halabja as well. Ahmed graduated from the University of Sulemani / English Department in 2014. , he is an English Kurdish and Arabic legal translator, he is authorized by judicial council presidency of Sulaymaniyah area court of appeal.
Bokan Hassan is one of the contributors of Google translate who added Sorani dialect of Kurdish language to the list of Google translations.
Since 2015 and after Goggle translate Community approved Kurdish Sorani dialect( Kurmanji ) he has translated 60,000 phrases ,proverbs, and individual words from English to Kurdish. on other hand Google Translate many time thanked him.
Google Translate was launched on 28 April 2006. It provides online translation from and to more than a hundred languages. It added Kurdish language’s Kurmanji dialect, which is spoken by the majority of Kurds, in February 2016. The affection for his people and the adoration for his land have left an irregularity in his throat brought about by the implicit agony of ages. Poetry has dependably been the main way he realized how to talk his brain, so he translated these poems to express what his spirit has needed to tell the world, since his birth.

Allah U Akbar! chants the call of prayer,
At yet dim dawn, when the air misty,
The tardy Moon of the nighttime tour
Is pallid in fear of the partridge song.
The evening Stars; like hope's blob
Into the snow-capped crests sadly drop.
Through the glens bell-rings rebound,
Behind the hunter, gunshots resound.
Gleams the morning finally now,
A pure magic dost Nature avow,
Through the trees, daybreak breeze blows,
As exciting mania through the headstreams.
On the mill stream ducks and geese
For the Sun wait till Its eyelids raise,
But It is by forenoon unless actuated
Does not beam Its rays on the village.
Abdullah Goran(1904, 1962)
With my hand, I pursued the branch
The branch pulled once again from exceptional misery
Exactly when as I pursued the branch
The stem of the tree yelled out in distress
When I grasped the storage compartment of the tree
The earth under my feet shook
Rocks groaned
When I bowed down
And picked up a handful of the soil
The whole Kurdistan
Let out a howl.
Sherko Bekas( 1940-2013)
On the off chance that you could count one by one
Include all the leaves in this garden
In the event that you could tally all the fish
Little and big
In the flowing river in your front of you
In the event that you might one be able to by one check
The transitory winged creatures
Amid their movement season
From the north to south
And, from the south to north
I would also pledge to calculate
One by one
All the victims of this beloved land of Kurdistan!
Sherko Bekas( 1940-2013)
-After the war
Turn the martyr's helmets over to be used as vases
Put them down on the homelands broken windows
Let the sun return back again
After the war,
Let the staff’s garments become flags
Pour the martyrs Zamzam into perfume bottles
Let it turn faithful and give it the martyrs name
After the war,
Let the shoes of the martyrs turn into a tomb
Tomb to those who run away during the fight
After the war,
Bring the martyrs bodies out of the ground
Bury them in your heart
After the war,
Don’t build a statue for the martyr
, they never die, they r always alive!
After battle,
do not give the name of the park street or quarters to them
Homeland belongs to them (Unknown)
Martyr is immortal as mountain
As snow, and tree
As spring, Rosa too
Martyr is water
It breaks thirsty of earth
It is fingers and hands; it shakes the suffering of land
It is the eyesight
Which day is further it predicts
The tall of a martyr is like the tall of Kurdistan
It is the heart of freedom and the attitude peak of Humanity
Sherko Bekas( 1940-2013)
In the event that you remove blossoms from my lyrics
One of my four seasons will die
In the event that you remove the wind,
Two seasons will die
On the off chance that you remove bread,
Three seasons will die
On the off chance that you remove freedom
My entire year will die and so will I
Sherko Bekas( 1940-2013)
Under the roof of a poverty-stricken house in Halabja
There was a family…mother, father, a child
A few seconds right before eleven o, clock
The mother was rocking the cradle
The child was smiling
The father was listening to a song on a tape recorder
Lying down
The clock struck eleven o’clock
The city was a bird, asleep, its neck under its feathers
No cooing pigeons, no chirruping
No murmur
No shrieking
No sound of breathing
No sighing
After eleven o, clock
Only one sound, one loud sound in that city
Echoed in the mountains
And in the midst of poison
The boat of life was sailing
Only one sound
After eleven o, clock
The sound of the music tape in the room
Playing the songs of rifles and Peshmerga
Sherko Bekas( 1940-2013)
The night's dream took me to a flower garden,
And in picking the flowers, it demolished my dream.
At the point when the plant specialist saw my affection for flower,
He put thousands of thorns to guard the flowers.
Bba Taher Oryan
When a delegation goes to a place
To the grave of the Unknown Soldier
They bring a wreath.
If tomorrow,
A delegation comes to my country,
And ask me: '' where is the grave of unknown soldiers?''
I will say: Sir,
At the shore of each stream,
On the dais of any mosque
In front of any house,
Any church, any cave
On the rock of any mountain
On the tree of any wood in this country
On each inch of any piece of land,
Don't be afraid Bow and put your wreath down on it
Abdullah Pashew
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🏡 Place of Residence: 🌄 Kurdistan
🌐 Γλώσσα - Διάλεκτος: 🏳️ Κουρδικό - Sorani
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🏙 Πόλεις: ⚪ Halabja
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Bokan Hassan Ahmed

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