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📖 Yêrêvan Xeberdide: How a Soviet Armenian Radio Station Preserved Kurdish Culture
This article was written by a guest contributor and solely reflects the views of the author.
The following is a guest post by Gayané Ghazaryan, a freelance journalist based in Yerevan, Armenia. Her w
📖 Yêrêvan Xeberdide: How a Soviet Armenian Radio Station Preserved Kurdish Culture
👫 Mervan Çelik
He is a Swedish footballer who plays as a winger for Swedish club Amed. He has previously played for GAIS, Rangers, Pescara, Gençlerbirliği, Akhisar Belediyespor, Häcken, and Fatih Karagümrük. He has
👫 Mervan Çelik
👫 Amar Suloev
He was a Russian mixed martial artist. Following his mixed martial arts career, Suloev became involved in the world of organized crime and was arrested and accused of being a contract killer. He died
👫 Amar Suloev
👫 Züli Aladağ
Züli Aladağ (born 2 January 1968, Van, Turkey) is a German film director, film producer, and screenwriter. He is of Kurdish and Turkish descent.
Aladağ immigrated to Germany in 1973 and grew
👫 Züli Aladağ
👫 Kazim Öz
Kazim Öz (born 1973, Dersim) is a Kurdish film director, scriptwriter and producer. In 1992 he began acting at Teatra Jiyana Nu, while also working on movies.
Early life and education
He studied civ
👫 Kazim Öz
👫 Ayşe Polat
Ayse Polat was born into a Kurdish-Alevite family in Malatya/ Turkey in 1970. At the age of seven, she came to Germany and grew up in Hamburg, where she completed her university qualifying examination
👫 Ayşe Polat
👫 Huner Saleem
Huner Saleem (Kurdish: هونه‌ر سەلیم), also transliterated as Huner Salim, (born 9 March 1964), is an Iraqi–Kurdish film director. He was born in the town of Aqrah (Akre) in Iraqi Kurdistan. He left Ir
👫 Huner Saleem
👫 Adel Murad
Adel Murad (Kurdish: عادل موراد or Adil Murad; 11 December 1949 – 18 May 2018 ) was an Iraqi Feyli Kurdish politician whom along with Jalal Talabani, Nawshirwan Mustafa, Kamal Fuad, Ali Askari, Fuad M
👫 Adel Murad
Everywhere there is a life worth living and each life can be lived more fully; but the first life we have to love is our own: the life over which we have control and responsibility. A better life, a f
👫 Malak Jan Nemati
Malak Jan was born into a family belonging to the mystical order the Ahl-e Haqq (literally “People of the Truth”). Her father Hajj Nematollah was an outstanding spiritual personality who gave up a com
👫 Malak Jan Nemati
📖 The bloody shadow of Bedirkhan Beg
by Hayrî Demir
Translated from German by Rojda S.

Bedirkhan Beg and family
Cause of anti-Êzîdism
The Soran Massacre
Incident in 1836 and the Nestorians
Bedirkhan´s mass
📖 The bloody shadow of Bedirkhan Beg
📖 Almost a century on, Kurdish memories of Turkey’s Zilan Valley massacre have yet to fade
Ninety years ago, Turkish soldiers sought to silence Kurdish rebellion in eastern Turkey by carrying out a massacre. As punishment for Kurdish refusal to bow to the assimilationist policies of Mustafa
📖 Almost a century on, Kurdish memories of Turkey’s Zilan Valley massacre have yet to fade
📕 The Kurdish Liberation Movement in Iraq
The Kurdish Liberation Movement in Iraq: From Insurgency to Statehood
Yaniv Voller
Taylor & Francis Group
Kurdistān (Iraq)
Investigating the transformation of the Kurdish liberation
📕 The Kurdish Liberation Movement in Iraq
📕 To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise Paperback
To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise Paperback
With Historical Notices Of The Kurdish Tribes and The Chaldeans of Kurdistan
Ely Bannister Soan
The place na
📕 To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise Paperback
📕 Alignment in Kurdish: a diachronic perspective
Alignment in Kurdish:
a diachronic perspective

Geoffrey L. J. Haig
Jun 2004[1]
📕 Alignment in Kurdish: a diachronic perspective
Nancy E. Soderberg
David L. Phillips, Director of the Program on Peace-building and Rights
Institute for the Study of Human Rights Columbia Univ
👫 Baram Shemai Harun
Baram is one of the bad traitors of the city of Erbil, He had role in imprisoning of the revolutionists and peshmargas of both the city and mountain, he has participated in the genocidal process of An
👫 Baram Shemai Harun
👫 Baram Saeed
Was born on 02-12-1966 in Majid Bag district of Sulaymaniyah, His ancestors are from Zhazhla village.
He studied ( Institute of industrial studies focusing on electricity) except his mother language
👫 Baram Saeed
👫 Baram Subhi
He is a writer and an activist in Charmoo organization for the Anfal topics.
Baram Subhi Shkur in their own words:
I was born in 1987.
I am a graduate of the Media Department of the University of
👫 Baram Subhi
👫 Baram Bag of Halabja
His full name is Baram Najib Baram, he is known as Baram Bag, his divorces has become a symbol for his recognition, Baram Bag was born in 1913 at the village of Sosakan of Tawela, Sosakan is next to T
👫 Baram Bag of Halabja
👫 Ebdo Mihemed
Ebdo Mihemed (Arabic: Abdo Mohamad) is a Kurdish wedding singer from Efrin, Syria. He became popular in Finland in autumn 2009 because of a YouTube video which attracted over two million viewers, and
👫 Ebdo Mihemed
👫 Eros Kurdi
Aras Fatih Rasul known as Eros Kurdi and Aras Koyi (Kurdish: ئاراس کۆیی)[ (born September 26, 1972) is a Kurdish-Swedish singer, songwriter, director, scenarist, producer and philanthropist.
👫 Eros Kurdi
👫 Mohsen Chavoshi
Mohsen Chavoshi Hosseini (Persian: محسن چاوشی (Kurdish: موحسن چاوشی; born 30 July 1979) born in Khorramshahr is a Kurdish musician, singer, record producer and songwriter, based in Tehran. He has rele
👫 Mohsen Chavoshi
📕 The RAF, Small Wars and Insurgencies in the Middle East, 1919-1939
The RAF, Small Wars and Insurgencies in the Middle East, 1919-1939
Dr. Sebastian Ritchie
Air Historical Branch
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Centre for Air Power Studies
The RAF, Small Wars and
📕 The RAF, Small Wars and Insurgencies in the Middle East, 1919-1939
👫 Amrollah Shah Ebrahimi
Amrollah Shah Ebrahimi (Persian: امرالله شاه‌ابراهیمی), son of Seyed Lotfollah Shah Ebrahimi (great tanbur player was born in 1941 in Sahneh, Kermanshah, Iran. He started learning Tanbur with learning
👫 Amrollah Shah Ebrahimi
📌 کوردیپێدیا، پێویستی بە ئەرشیڤوانانە لە باکوور، رۆژهەڵات و رۆژاوای وڵات. تکایە سی ڤی-یەکانتان بۆ کوردیپێدیا بنێرن.
📌 Kurdîpediya bi arşîvvanan re hewceye ji bakur, rojhilat û rojavayê Kurdistanê ve. Ji kerema xwe CV ya xwe ji Kurdîpediya re bişînin.
📌 Kurdipedia hiring archivists from North, East and West Kurdistan. Please send your CV to Kurdipedia.
📕 Library
Adela Jaff Khanum
👫 Biography
👫 Biography
Çağlar Demirel
👫 Biography
Azad (rapper)
👫 Biography
Qasim Amin
📊 بەرپرسێکی حکومەت ژمارەی ئەوانە ئاشکرادەکات کە دوو تا چوار مووچە وەردەگرن | Group: Statistics and Surveys | Articles language: 🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست
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بەرپرسێکی حکومەت ژمارەی ئەوانە ئاشکرادەکات کە دوو تا چوار مووچە وەردەگرن
📊 Statistics and Surveys

دواڕۆژ، کۆچەر عەلیکۆچەر عەلی
بەرپرسێکی حکومەتی هەرێم ئاشکرایدەکات، هەزاران کەس لەسەر حیسابی حکومەتی هەرێمی کوردستان دوو مووچەمووچە تا چوار مووچەیان وەرگرتووە، پەرلەمانتارێکیش دەڵێت 150 هەزار کەس مووچە بە نایاسايی وەردەگرن.
نوری عوسمان، سەرۆکی فەرمانگەی هەماهەنگی و بەدواداچوون لە ئەنجومەنی وەزیرانی هەرێم ئەمڕۆ دووشەممە 25ی کانونی يەکەم بە دواڕۆژی راگەیاند، لیستی مووچەخۆرانی هەرێم پێویستی بە چاکسازییەکی جدی هەیە، له و نێوەندەشدا گەر حکومەت بەرنامەی چاکسازییەکانی لەبارەی چارەسەرکردنی کێشەی مووچە بخاتە بواری جێبەجێکردنەوە پێویستە پەلەی تێدا بکات.
ئاماژەی بەوەشکرد، ژمارەیەکی زۆری مووچەخۆری دووبارە، هەیە ئەگەر چاوخشانەوەی ورد و چاکسازی تێدا ئەنجام بدرێت، پارەیەکی زۆر بۆ خەزێنەی حکومەت دەگەڕێتەوە لەوانە نزیکەی 70 هەزار کەس لەسەر حیسابی حکومەتی هەرێمی کوردستان لە دوو مووچەوە تا چوار مووچە وەردەگرن، کە لە هیچ شوێنێکی دنیا ئەمە رووینداوە.
ئه و بەرپرسەی ئەنجومەنی وەزیران رونیکردەوە، مووچەخۆر هەیە بۆتە وارسی کەسێکی نزیکی خۆی و مووچەکەی وەردەگرێت لەهەمانکاتدا خۆشی مووچەخۆری حکومەتە بەتایبەت لە بەشی زیندانی سیاسی و خانەنشینان ئەمە زۆرە و پێویستە ئەوانە و ئه و کەسانەشی مووچەی دووبارە و سێبارە و چوار بارەیان، هەیە سەر پشک بکرێن لەسەر وەرگرتنی تەنها یەکێک له و مووچانە.
نوری عوسمان وتیشی سەرۆکایەتی ئەنجومەنی وەزیران بڕیاری لەسەر بڕینی مووچەخۆرانی خانەنشینی بێ خزمەت داوە، کە لە داهاتوویەکی نزیکدا دەچێتە بواری جێبەجێکردنەوە و سەرجەم ئه و کەسانەی بەناوی خانەنشینیەوە مووچە وەردەگرن و پێشتریش هیچ خزمەتێکيان نەبووە مووچەکانیان هەڵدەوەشێندرێتەوە.
ناوبراو ئەوەشی خستەڕوو، بەهۆی پێداچوونەوە و بڕینی ئه و مووچانە لەگەڵ بڕی ئه و چاکسازییانەی کە پێشتر لە مووچەی کەمئەندامان کرا حکومەت زیاتر لە 100 ملیار دیناری بۆ دەگەڕێتەوە.
لای خۆیەوە قادر زەگەیی، ئەندامی پەرلەمانی کوردستان لە فراکسیۆنی سەوز بە دواڕۆژی راگەیاند لە درێژەی ئه و چاکسازیانەی حکومەتی هەرێم لە لیستی مووچەخۆراندا کردوویەتی و دوای کۆتایی هاتنی تۆماری بایۆمەتری بڕیاری بڕینی مووچەی نزیکەی 150 هەزار کەس دراوە، لەوانەش پشکی شێر بەر سلکی سەربازی دەکەوێت کە له و بەشە مووچەخۆرێکی زۆری بندیوار و بەرزکردنەوەی پلە بە نایاسایی و خانەنشینی بێ خزمەت هەیە.[1]

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⚠️ ئەم بابەتە بەزمانی (🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست) نووسراوە، کلیک لە ئایکۆنی بکە بۆ کردنەوەی بابەتەکە بەو زمانەی کە پێی نووسراوە!

🗄 Sources
[1] 📡 Website | 🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست | ماڵپەری دواڕۆژ - 25-12-2017
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🏳️ Articles language: 🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست
📅 Publication date: 25-12-2017
🗺 Country - Province: ⬇️ South Kurdistan
📈 Type of Statistics: ⚡ Corruption

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✨ Item Quality: 89% ✔️
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Added by (Hawrê Baxewan) on Dec 25 2017 3:59PM
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Adela Jaff Khanum
Adela Jaff Khanum and the Ardalan Persian Divanship[1]
Adela Jaff Khanum
Abu l-Hasan \'Ali Ibn Nafi\', better known as Ziryab/Zeryab or Zaryab (c. 789–c. 857); (Arabic: أبو الحسن علي ابن نافع, زریاب), (Persian: زَریاب Zaryāb) was a singer, oud player, composer, poet, and teacher who lived and worked in Iraq, Northern Africa, and Andalusia of the medieval Islamic period. He was also known as a polymath, with knowledge in astronomy, geography, meteorology, botanics, cosmetics, culinary art and fashion. His nickname Ziryab comes from the Persian word for jay-bird زرياب,pr
Çağlar Demirel
Çağlar Demirel (born 29 July 1969, Kulp, Turkey) is a Turkish politician of Kurdish origin and a former member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey of the Peoples\' Democratic Party (HDP).
Early life and education
Çağlar Demirel was born the Kulp in the Diyarbakır province. She enrolled into the Dicle University where she studied nursing and graduated in 1995. Following, she was an adviser on health care for several women and governmental institutions in Turkey and was involved in a varie
Çağlar Demirel
Azad (rapper)
Azad Azadpour (born 24 November 1973), known professionally as Azad, is a German rapper of Kurdish descent based in Frankfurt. As one of the first German street rappers who become successful, he strongly influenced the German rap scene.

After having arrived in Germany from Sanandaj in Iranian Kurdistan at the young age of 10, he was into hip hop, rap, beatboxing, and graffiti. In 1988, he joined D-Flame (Daniel Kretschmer), A-Bomb, and Combad in Cold-N-Locco. The group was renamed Asiatic
Azad (rapper)
Qasim Amin
Qasim Amin (pronounced [ˈʔæːsem ʔæˈmiːn], Egyptian Arabic: قاسم أمين‎; 1 December 1863, in Alexandria – April 22, 1908 in Cairo) was an Egyptian jurist, Islamic Modernist and one of the founders of the Egyptian national movement and Cairo University. Qasim Amin has been historically viewed as one of the Arab world\'s first feminists, although he joined the discourse on women\'s rights quite late in its development, and his feminism has been the subject of scholarly controversy. Amin was an Egyptia
Qasim Amin

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