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sallî1962 leslêmanî ledaykbuwe. xwêndinî seretayî le (derbendîxan) û nawendî le (azadî) û amadeyî le (ezimer) leslêmanî tewawkrduwe. sallî 1986-1987 kolêcî pzîşkî bepleyi yekem û be astî (zorbaş) û sa
👫 Aras Ezîz Ebidulllla
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Hawrê Baxewan
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Arîtma Mohammadî
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✌️ (Kevin Jochim (Dilsoz Bahar | Pol: Şehîdan | Zimanî babet: 🇬🇧 English
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(Kevin Jochim (Dilsoz Bahar
Nom De Guerre: Dilsoz Bahar
Name: Kevin Jochim
Mother’s/Father’s Name: Maorine Kostluk / Freidi Benkler
Place of Birth: Karlsruhe, Germany
Martyred: July 6, 2015 / Shergirat, Suluk, Tal Abyad
For the Media and Public Opinion
Despite all hostile activities, Rojava continues to represent an example of peoples’ freedom. Above all the Daesh (ISIL) terrorists, all those forces who benefit freedom chaos in the Middle East wanted Rojava as well to be a place for conflict between diverse ideas, different nations and religions - for that they tried all possible ways and carried determined provocations. Yet all aggressive attempts and repulsive plots were all foiled due to our people’s consciousness.
A deciding fact that has helped to thwart those games is the philosophy practiced by the people in Rojava. This idea that trusts itself to the culture of sharing, neighboring, and supporting each other, today offers the most significant example to resolve the current situation with its project of Democratic Nation.
Not only having an impact on the neighboring populations of this land like Kurds, Arab, Fars (Persian), Assyrian, Turks, but also it affects all freedom adorers from all around the world, raising the wave of support and sympathy for the Rojava Revolution. Young individuals from different nations through the entire world step forward, reach out each other in Rojava and shoulder-to-shoulder they take position in the frontline of defending a free life.
One of these precious friends was comrade Kevin Jochim (a.k.a Dilsoz Bihar) of German native. Born November 2, 1993 in the city of Kalsruhe, Germany, Kevin was from a poor family. After 10 years of successful education, Kevin passes high school and works in distinct jobs to support his family. Comrade Kevin sees no comfort in working as a lone way of life, it is then when he tries to train children as a teacher. To complete teaching children the best, Kevin continues his studies in the field of Pedagogy.
Still a 14 years old teenager Kevin embraces the leftist movement in Germany. For a long period of time he joins ideological, training, propaganda and recruitment activities. From there, he promotes himself to the director of the group for his hometown.
After spending lifetime in those efforts, he learns the Freedom Movement. Kevin advances the idea of scientific socialism and tries to be a part of the struggle. On this ground, he join the ranks of freedom movement in 2012, plays role for a variety of activities in different places and lately in 2015 he directs toward Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan.
Comrade Dilsoz would describe his involvement in this way: “The reason for my joining, was the desire to build up a life with freedom and a different revolution. I believed in the Democratic Confederalism system. Besides, my concern was the path of revolution. My engagement, was voluntarily joining with a wholesome heart, a free and ideological determination. I was decisive. It was not my life’s circumstance that brought me here, but my resolution moved me to Rojava. I came from thousands of kilometers away for this land. I promised my conscience not to betray this choice.”
Just like his name, Dilsoz (faithful in Kurdish) he was always true to his words, he joined the activities like a vanguard. At first, Kevin leads a team and later a squad. And most recently he shoulders responsibility for leading a platoon of foreign volunteers. He sees no confinement to his military promotion, at the same time he concentrates deep into Kurdish culture, language and philosophy. Kevin expresses in this regard: “I am a German. The culture and the language of that people are of mine. With all good and bad, its history will be of my own. I will never deny my origin. But I approached and learned the culture and language of Kurdish people as if I was in the right place. I like the Kurdish language.”
Comrade Dilsoz was conscious and aware in many aspects. In war, life and comradery he was always on the frontline. He paid attention to peoples’ pains as a socialist believer. He knew well that there will be no meaning for personal freedom as long as there is a man with no freedom; therefor he aimed for confronting the enemies of humanity with all strength.
He fought fearlessly on the fields of the battle against brutal Daesh (ISIL) terrorists. Played major roles for Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo in liberating the rural district of Rojava from terrorists. But unfortunately, Kevin was martyred in action July 6 during the clashes in the village of Shergirat near the town of Suluk, Tal Abyad, Rojava, Syria.
Our grief for missing comrade Dilsoz is very big. Words will not be enough to describe his truth. Yet we can promise to follow his desires and wishes, and to do whatever is needed so as to eliminate the darkness against our peoples.
Above all to the family of Comrade Kevin, we extend our sincere condolence to Jochim family, Kurdish and German people. We announce once more that our struggle shall endure until sustainable victory is achieved, and victory will be accomplished for sure while there are decent and ‘Dilsoz’ youth marching toward freedom keeping fallen comrades’ moral legacies.

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🏷️ Pol: ✌️ Şehîdan
🏳️ Zimanî babet: 🇬🇧 English
👫 Corî kes: ☪ Qurbanîyi Da'ş
👥 Netewe: 🌏 Bêgane
🏟 Part: YPG
⚤ Regezî kes: 👨 Piyawan
🗺 Ulat - Herêm: 🌏 Derewe
🌐 Ziman - Şêwezar: 🇩🇪 Elmanî

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Helbest، 147 rûper
Nefel، 2004
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Hawrê Baxewan
le zimanî xoyewe:
nawî tewawm (hawrrê qadr resull)e.
le rojî 28î fêbriywerîyi sallî 1966 le gerrekî (goyje)î şarî slêmanî ledaykbûm.
her le slêmanî xwêndinî seretayî û amadeyî – rşiteyi wêjeyîm tewaw krduwe.
sallî 1984 çûmete beşî yasayi kolîjî yasa û ramiyarîyi zanikoyi musllî kurdistanî bindestî dagîrkerî êrraq. sallî 1986 behoyi beşdarînekrdin le rahênanî hawîneyi serbazîyi dagîrkerî be\'s, bomaweyi 2 sall le zaniko derdekrêm û sallî 1988 destmkrdewe be xwêndin û le sallî 1990da kolîjî
Hawrê Baxewan
Arîtma Mohammadî
Rûnakbîr، nuser، rojnamenus، çalakî medenî û syasîye ke le pêwendî be pris û kêşe syasî û medenîyekanî kurdistan û rojhellatî nêwerrast wtar û babet û lêkollînewe dekat، nawbraw takû îsta deyan wtar، babet û raportî lew pêwendyaneda bllaw kirduwetewe. Endamî serkirdayetî partî serbestîy rojhellatî kurdistane. Taku îsta wek nuserî çendîn rojname û mallperr û govar û blavok wtar û babetî nusîywe.
Arîtma Mohammadî le bware cyawazekanî komellayetî û syasî û hizrî çalake û nusîn û berhemekanî leber
Arîtma Mohammadî
Lînînîzım û Meseley Nîştîmanî
Gorînî: N. T
Lînînîzım û Meseley Nîştîmanî
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Amadekar : Wehîd Kemalî Îlamî
Lurekan weku beşêkî gewre le pêkhatey komelgey Kurdewarî‌ u danîştwanî zincîre çiyaî dirêj ‌u pan‌ u berînî zagros, her le seretay destpêkirdnî jiyan‌u mêjuy nûsrawî şarstanîyet le dawênî şax‌u daxekan‌u deşt‌u dolekanî em cugrafiyayye jiyan ‌u be parastnî zewî ‌u kultur‌u zimanekeyan w...htd, rolêkî yekcar berçawyan heye le hemû biwarekanda nek tenha le nawçekanî dêrînî nêştecîbûnî xoyan, bigre le zor rûdaw‌u pêşhatî komelayetî, ramiyarî, abûrî, serbazî, k
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