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👫 Asenath Barzani
Asenath Barzani, Born to Samuel Ben Nathanel halevi in 1590 CE in the Kurdish city of Mosul in Southern Kurdistan. She was raised by her father Samuel who taught her Kabbalah and excused her from all daily tasks that other young girl her age usually did. She dedicated her life to studying and memorizing the Holy words of God. Asenath was quoted by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, The Receiving; Recovering Feminine Wisdom p. 112 as saying “Never in my life did I step outside of my home. I was the daughter
👫 Asenath Barzani
🏷️ Group: Biography
Asenath Barzani
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📝 Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The short, medium and long story
The Turkish military has launched a major cross-border operation in north-eastern Syria against a Kurdish-led militia alliance allied to the United States.
The move came after US troops, who relied on the militia alliance to defeat the Islamic State (IS) group on the ground in Syria, withdrew from the border area.
We've boiled down why it matters.
Why has Turkey launched an assault?
One main reason: Turkey considers the biggest militia in the Kurdish-led alliance a terrorist group. It says i
📝 Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The short, medium and long story
🏷️ Group: Documents
Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The short, medium and long story
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👫 Geoffrey L. J. Haig
In 1995, when I first began to learn Kurdish, my interest was captivated by the feature commonly referred to as ergativity in the past tense of transitive verbs. Although it was familiar to me in an abstract fashion from the linguistic literature, actually using a language with that particular feature is a very different matter. However, at a fairly early stage I came to the conclusion that ergativity in Kurdish was a largely superficial phenomenon, something manifested in the morphology, but with
👫 Geoffrey L. J. Haig
🏷️ Group: Biography
Geoffrey L. J. Haig
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🎵 Kurdish king (Mîr) with his queen (Banû)
🎵 Kurdish king (Mîr) with his queen (Banû)
🏷️ Group: Artworks
Kurdish king (Mîr) with his queen (Banû)
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رێکخراوی کوردیپێدیا

Related files 📂
رێکخراوێکە ساڵی 2008 لەلایەن هاوڕێ باخەوانهاوڕێ باخەوانەوە دامەزراوە. ئامانجی کۆکردنەوە و پیشاندانی هەر زانیارییەکە کە تایبەت بێت بە کوردستان و کوردەوە.
ئەندامە کاراکانی کوردیپێدیا بریتین لە:
هاوڕێ باخەوان
مانو بەرزنجیمانو بەرزنجی
سەریاس ئەحمەدسەریاس ئەحمەد
نالیا ئیبراهیمنالیا ئیبراهیم
زریان سەرچناریزریان سەرچناری
ئەڤین ئیبراهیم فەتاحئەڤین ئیبراهیم فەتاح
ئاراس ئیلنجاغیئاراس ئیلنجاغی
هەڤاڵ نەژادهەڤاڵ نەژاد
رۆژهات سەعیدرۆژهات سەعید
فایلە پەیوەندیدارەکان هەموو ئەو وتار و دیمانانە نین کە باسی کوردیپێدیایان تێداکراوە، یان بەتایبەت لەسەر کوردیپێدیان.. ئەگەر بەڕێزتان بابەتێکی واتان دیوە و لەم لیستەیەدا نییە تکایە کوردیپێدیای لێ ئاگارداربکەرەوە..

The listed articles and interviews about Kurdipedia within the related files do not make up the entirety of the collection. If you are aware of other articles please contact Kurdipedia for their inclusion.
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⚠️ ئەم بابەتە بەزمانی (🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست) نووسراوە، کلیک لە ئایکۆنی بکە بۆ کردنەوەی بابەتەکە بەو زمانەی کە پێی نووسراوە!

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رێکخراوی کوردیپێدیا

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1.👁️بەرنامەی وێنەکاری بۆ هاوکارانی رێکخراوی کوردیپێدیا
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