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📝 Turkey's attack on Rojava resuscitates ISIS
The Turkish state’s hostility towards the Kurdish people and its threats against Rojava continue. On December 12, 2018, the Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, during his speech at a meeting with the defense industry, declared the following: “Whilst we issued our warnings concerning the east of the Euphrates, we were also engaged in preparations. We will start the operation to clear the east of the Euphrates from separatist terrorists in a few days.
What he refers to as the east of the Euphrates is a
📝 Turkey's attack on Rojava resuscitates ISIS
🏷️ Group: Documents
Turkey's attack on Rojava resuscitates ISIS
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👫 Hassan Ghazi
Hassan Ghazi (Kurdish: Hesen Qazí, حەسەن قازی) was born in the city of Mahabad (Sablax) in Mukriyan Province. He was born in the residency of the president of Kurdistan Republic of 1946, Qazi Muhammad. Like many Kurdish intellectuals of his time he has been forced to spend most of his adult life in exile. His long life passion for linguistic research started early in his life when he collected Kurdish ballads and words in Mukriyan villages and studied their etymological roots. In early 70s he wa
👫 Hassan Ghazi
🏷️ Group: Biography
Hassan Ghazi
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👫 Rebwar K Tahir
A plastic artist from Sulaymaniyah was born in 1955 and has been practicing painting since 1977.
1977-1980, participated in the exhibitions of the University of Sulaymaniyah and Iraqi universities.
1980 Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture، and then participated in several exhibitions in the Kurdish Revolution.
1989-2011 He had four personal exhibitions in Iran, Sweden and Kurdistan.
1977-2011, participated in a group of group exhibitions inside and outside Kurdistan.
Now and from 2012
👫 Rebwar K Tahir
🏷️ Group: Biography
Rebwar K Tahir
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✌️ Anna Campbell
A British national who was killed alongside YPJ forces in Afrin.
Sources say the 26-year-old initially travelled to Syria to join the Kurdish struggle against Islamic State, but begged her Kurdish commanders to send her to the Afrin front after Turkey launched a ground and air offensive to oust Kurdish forces from its borderlands in January.
✌️ Anna Campbell
🏷️ Group: Martyrs
Anna Campbell
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🍛 کەلانە | 🏷️ Group: Kurdish cuisine | Articles language: 🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست
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کەلانە خواردنێکی تایبەت بە کوردەوارییە. لەو ناوچانە کە پیچکپیچک (هەندرێشەهەندرێشە، گیایەکی کوێستانی یە) دەڕوێ، خواردنی تایبەتیی بەهارییان کەلانەیە. سەرەتا پیچکەکە دێنن و دەیشۆنەوە و ورد ورد دەیهەنجنن و پاشان هەویر دەشێلنن و گونک گونک دەیبڕن و دانە دانە بە نۆرە وەک نان پانیان دەکەنەوە، لایەکی بە پیچکە هەنجراوەکە دادەپۆشن و ئەو لاکەی دیکەی بەسەردا دەدەن، شێوازێکی نیو بازنەیی بە خۆیەوە دەگرێ. پاشان لەسەر ساج (سێڵسێڵ) دەیبرژێن و دوای ئەوەی بە رۆنە کرێ چەوریان کرد، ئامادەی خواردن دەبێ. لەو شوێنانەدا کە پیچک دەست نادا، کەلانە بە پیوازی تەتڕ و تازە دروست دەکەن، بەڵام تام و جێژی پیچکی نییە.
⚠️ This item has been written in (🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست) language, click on icon to open the item in the original language!
⚠️ ئەم بابەتە بەزمانی (🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست) نووسراوە، کلیک لە ئایکۆنی بکە بۆ کردنەوەی بابەتەکە بەو زمانەی کە پێی نووسراوە!

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[1]🇰 | 🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست | تۆمارێکی تایبەت بۆ کوردیپێدیا لەلایەن (حامید درودی) سەبارەت بە (کەلانە) لە: 18-5-2011 19:13:48

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🏷️ Group:🍛 Kurdish cuisine
🏳️ Articles language:🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست

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Added by (Hawrê Baxewan) on May 18 2011 9:18PM
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