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The Sung home: narrative, morality, and the Kurdish nation
Akke Wendelmoet Hamelink

The Sung Home tells the story of Kurdish singer-poets (dengbêjs) in Kurdistan in Turkey, who are specialized in the recital singing of historical songs. After a long period of silence, they returned to public life in the 2000s and are presented as guardians of history and culture. Their lyrics, life stories, and live performances offer fascinating insights into cultural practices, local politics and the contingencies of state borders. Decades of oppression have
The Sharezoor Kurdish-English Dictionary
Shafiq Qazzaz
Aras Press and Publishers
Zecharia Barashi
A Kurdish rabbi and co-founder of the Kurdish Jews Association in Israel passed away on Monday at age 117.
Rabbi Zecharia Barashi, who was reportedly the oldest person in Israel, left behind 29 grandchildren, 72 great-grandchildren, and 24 great-great-grandchildren, according to Israel National News.
Originally from Barashi in the Kurdistan Region, Rabbi Barashi was born in 1900 and migrated to Israel in 1936 with his family.
Married at age 18, Barashi lost his wife and eight children during
The Hashd al-Shaabi and Iraq Subnationalism and the State
Dave van Zoonen
Dylan O’Driscoll
March 2017
Middle East Research Institute

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👫Sema Güler
SEMA GÜLER was born in Ankara in 1971. She is originally from Dersim and keeps her studying in The Department of History of İstanbul University. Her poems, writings and conversations were published in some journals like Esmer, Yasakmeyve and Şiirden. She attended the festivals, meetings and the panels held in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Holland, Iraq, Wienna,Syria and Georgia. Her poems were translated into Albanian, English, Kurdish, Arabic and Bulgarian, and taken part in the anthologies. She is the editor of Archaeology and Art History in Hel Publishing House.

Her Books:
The Awakening Tree (2011)
The Death The Seed and the Things / A Little Love (2014)
AsîmanTune Li Ba Min(2015)
I Know Nıne Wordls(2015)

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